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Jan Murray is an Edinburgh based pilates teacher who loves to tell anyone who will listen about the joy and benefits of regular pilates. In either individual or class format, she works with people of all ages and fitness abilities. She currently teaches a mix of face to face and online pilates, ensuring her clients get every opportunity to move well and often.  

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‘Jan has been my pilates instructor over a number of years now. I have worked with others but feel very privileged to be a member of Jan’s classes. She is keen to explain and teach the pilates principles, their benefits and results but in a fun and varied way to keep it interesting. She is also acutely understanding of individuals needs, weaknesses or physical restrictions. She stresses the importance of safety - checking positions and students’ techniques to provide reassurance while gently encouraging clients to explore movement and challenge their comfort zones.’


‘I honestly thought that pilates was just stretching on a mat until I did pilates with Jan. She made me realise that it can be a very hard work out for the whole body and I definitely feel stronger and more flexible as a result.’



'Pilates with Jan is FABULOUS!  I originally took up pilates to gain better core strength as I was suffering from sciatica. Unbelievably, my pain was gone within weeks. Since then, I‘ve been hooked. Attending Jan’s classes has improved my balance and posture and I have greater flexibility. Jan makes time to really understand her clients goals and aspirations. She uses her knowledge and experience to design individual, achievable and challenging routines. She is caring, motivating, enthusiastic and encouraging - we have such fun!' 



To discuss individual or class options, please call Jan on

07731 658154



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